how to be positive everyday

Food for thought

·         We have 6.2 billion people in the world with different finger prints, so you are unique
·         Do not look for promise to claim, look for instructions to obey
·         Everything that God starts live beyond generations
·         It does not take God time to bless you, it is your thought  that is limiting you
·         If you say “I can;” you are right! If you say you “I can’t  you are also right it is what you announce that multiplies
positive,focused,work,inspired always relate to good living habits
·         God will not judge you by what people say but by what you say
·         When you comply with the covenant of God, the blessing will come
·         When you are busy doing what God wants, people will do what you want
·         The mother of curse is disobedience while the mother of blessings is obedience
·         You have to rename yourself based on your future
·         The difference between blessings and inheritance is that you have to qualify for it
·         God’s blessings is not based on human effort
·         Until you understand your covenant right you will keep struggling
·         Until  you know the content of a thing you cannot know the value
·         If you still not have faith you still live like a slave
·         If you dodge responsibility you dodge recognition
·         Covenant has two sides; the right side and the responsibility side
·         The rate at which things are living you will determine the way things will come
·         Every situation presents an opportunity to make an impact
·         It is not what happens to you that affects you but whom you decide to become
·         The only person that can make you to be happy is you
·         When you allow the spirit of heaviness into your life you are inviting death
·         When you are consumed with the life of purpose you will be free from the spirit of heaviness
·         You lose your vitality when you miss your purpose
·         It is the complexity of human that brought problem to humanity
·         When you are simple you will be humble
·         Do not complicate your life with the things you do
·         Humility is an internal submission that reflects on the outside
·         When you say a situation is hopeless, you are slamming God in the face
·         A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love
·         Never slam a door because you may need to pass it next time


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