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Problemas en la escuela (Episodio 1)

Google set to to launch smart laptop running new Andromeda OS

With the ‘Made by Google’ event to be held on October 4, Google seems to have new hardware plans for next year. The company plans to release a new laptop, known by an informal nickname “Pixel 3”, which will be the first ever device to run on the software giant’s new Android-Chrome OS, called Andromeda. Google-watcher blog Android Police reports that the device, internally known as “Bison” will be an ultra-thin laptop with a 12.3" display, but Google also wants it to support a "tablet" mode. The blog also states that Google's planned pricing is still competitive: Bison is pegged to start at $799. Powering it will be either an Intel m3 or i5 Core processor with 32 or 128GB of storage and 8 or 16GB of RAM. This seems to suggest there will be two models, says Android Police. Advertisement:Replay Ad Ads by ZINC It will also feature a fingerprint scanner, two USB-C ports, a 3.5mm jack, a host of sensors, stylus support (a Wacom pen will be sold separately), stereo speake…


If you're the type who attend weddings or marriage ceremonies, you'll realize that less beautiful ladies get married than the more beautiful ones. Although aesthetic is a product of perspective, men often use girls who the society classify as "beautiful" for sex while they marry those with qualities. In order to know these qualities, read the following advice: 1. Guys love to marry independent and matured ladies... so instead of sitting there and waiting to be bluffed by a guy, focus on getting a career that would take you out of the 'house wife category'... 2. Never let the sweet talks of guys deceive you, most times they just want to go between your legs and run off thereafter. On the flip side, do not see all guys as the same. 3. Remove the mentality from your mind that guys will keep springing up to approach you. The older you get by the day, the less toasters you will have. 4. Playing 'too hard to get' is the worst thing you should ever start, r…


Remember when you had just met that person, I mean the one you are in love with now. It was so exciting and fun. They were so sweet to you. They could text you all the time. (They could never go to bed without texting you goodnight love.) They could call you daily. (They could never miss a day without hearing your voice.) They could always have your time. . . BUT… . . . . Now what happened to that? All that care and love disappeared. Days and weeks can go by without getting a call or a text from them and you are also comfortable with it. They are full of excuses. They tell you that they are so busy (maybe with work, studies, games, seminars…) and you also buy that because you love them and know who they use to be. Remember those old days when you hard just met them, they could be busy but they could always fix time for you. They would call and text you and they would ask to meet you. But why can’t they do it now? Is it because you hurt them, you bore them, you changed your attitude …

Trouble In School (episode3)

Episode 3
 It was Monday morning. The school was buzzing with silent tension. The assembly hall humming though a bee-hive. Every student's ear and eyes opened wide in anticipation of the new gossip. There was no staff to conduct the assembly. So the senior prefect walk like a shadow of himself up to the dais. He was a tall boy of eighteen years. "good morning, fellow students!" he greeted sadly and continued. "we all witnessed the horrible incident of last night. A thing unheard of in the annals of st. Peter's college. The questions we should ask ourselves is why is it st. Peters? A school known for values, moral excellence and absolute discipline. The prince of all schools in this local government." there was fire in his eyes. The fire brightened, as his words tumbled out like furious waves to the students. The morning sun had crisped the eastern horizon in pink. Above was a clear sky beautified by lovely white cirrus cloud. suddenly,…

Trouble In School

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Episode 2
masked in their eye-opened pillow cases, they stealthily moved into the house. The entrance door was hinging to open. A beam of light came from behind the door. The boys reached the door and hid by the side. The door suddenly opened. "who's there?" the hoarse voice of the principal echoed into the night. It was a voice devoid of resonance and power. The lantern he was carrying illuminating just a few yards in front of him. He was in his pajamas and the further darkness he could not see through, put a dreadful fear in him. The dogs had stopped barking and there was a cold sinister tension that hing like thick cotton wool over the snarling of the dogs. then the principal stepped into the darkness as the lantern dangled in his hand. He decided to check, what had happened to his dogs. As he walked quickly towards the direction of the dogs, the boys sn…

MIT scientists makes use of terahertz waves to read closed books

some Scientists, have invented a new technology that can read the pages of a closed book, an advance that may help archaeologists look into antique books without touching them. Researchers, including Ramesh Raskar from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S, tested a prototype of the system on a stack of papers, each with one letter printed on it. The system was able to correctly identify the letters on the top nine sheets. “The Metropolitan Museum in New York showed a lot of interest in this, because they want to, for example, look into some antique books that they don’t even want to touch,” said Barmak Heshmat, a research scientist at MIT. He said that the system could be used to analyse any materials organised in thin layers, such as coatings on machine parts or pharmaceuticals. Researchers from MIT and Georgia Institute of Technology developed the algorithms that acquire images from individual sheets in stacks of paper, and interprets the often dis…

Struggle With The Ghost (my horror dream)


Scientists makes use of bacteria to power on a tiny engine

The engine which uses a colloidal particle that is optically trapped using a laser beam.
Researchers from Bengaluru’s Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research achieved a major breakthrough when they designed a microscopic heat engine that operates at 50-60 per cent efficiency by relying on changes in bacterial activity. The results were published on August 29 in the journal Nature Physics. While a conventional engine relies on very high temperature difference to move the piston back and forth, the microscopic heat engine developed by the researchers relies on very small changes in temperature input to impact bacterial activity to achieve large work done by the engine. The tiny heat engine uses a colloidal particle of 5 micrometre size (1/50 the thickness of the human hair) that is optically trapped using a laser beam. The extent to which the particle can move is controlled by varying the intensity of the laser be…

NASA first explorer spacecraft took off to asteroid to bring back samples

Round trip, the spacecraft is expected to travel for more than 6 billion kilometers before the mission’s end in 2023.
 NASA first explorer of its kind has been flied off on a seven-year quest mission, following after a big, black, undiscovered asteroid to obtain a few handfuls of gravel for return to Earth.
These bite-size bits of ancient space rock from asteroid Bennu could hold result about the origin of life, not just on our planet but potentially elsewhere in the solar system. Thousands gathered to witness the evening launch of Osiris-Rex, a robotic hunter that looks something like a bird with its solar wings. The spacecraft took flight atop an Atlas V rocket.
 A successful victory was declared after the launch late on Thursday; launch controllers shook hands and embraced as the spacecraft shot out of Earth’s orbit, bound for Bennu.
“Tonight is a night for celebration. We are on our way to an asteroid,” said NASA’s chief scientist, Ellen Stofan. “We got everythi…

A false Belief About Menopause

A false belief that does much harm is about the menopause, the time when a woman's mense have ceased, and it is due to a wrong understanding of the marriage counselling. Some people wrongly think that women after menopause should not have sex with their own husbands. The continuation of this falsehood is the work of satan who does not like fidelity. The fear about sex after menopause often leads to unfaithfulness and can easily result in HIV.God created sexual intercourse in marriage for two purposes: one is Aspect of sex, uniting husband and wife in true love right into their old age.I ask people who are troubled by this falsehood: "What did you promise God and your spouse on your wedding day?" To have and to hold until death do us part',-or did you say, 'To have and to hold until menses stop'? God is very pleased when husband and wife remained united together just as before after the menses have stopped.Marital relations (sexual intercourse) should continu…

Trouble in school (episode 1)

Episode 1 "look up mattew and stop snivelling like a small monkey." There was anger in tom's voice. He was a rough boy with a clean-shaved head and his yellow coloured eyes,was like those of a snake. "we should go back now that nobody has seen us, "cried mattew. He was striken with fear. A fear that took the greater part of him and made his body shake. "just follow my instructions, don't waver. We'll go through this without a hitch. Now let have the torchlight," tom said and. And snatched the torch from mattew's hand. "we dont use the light, until we get into the compound," he added. The manner he spoke was grave and intimidating that matter was scared of making further argument. the night was cold and silence engulfed every where. The regular sounds of crickets, sizzled in the air. The two boys ran like jack rabbits, entering into the small garden that guided the principal's house. The house was in total darken…

The Unwanted Visitor

It was midnight. The kitchen was quite dark. And the only noise, was the drip! Drip!! Drip!!! Of a tap that hadn't been quite turned off. I stood, and peering into the darkness with my heart thudding in my ears, i heard a man's voice in the kitchen that i had come to check. suddenly, i saw him. He had something shiny in his right hand and was forcing open the door leading to the parlour. I stood speechless. It was like a nightmare.The night was getting too adventurous within three minutes. At first, i thought of raising an alarm, but on a second thought, i thought it not wise as at that moment, i wasn't sure he wasn't armed. I made straight for my daddy's room hoping the "one man's devilish act" wouldn't progress further. My father was out in no time. thanks to all those days of signal practice. Though my mother had thought it madness, our signals were quite useful now as we mapped out our plan without a word. We stood at the door to th…