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2017 new business secrets guides.

9 secrets guide of staying top among your business competitors Are you craving to stay top among your competitors in business. Or you are looking to become a successful business enterprenuer Here is the secrets guides which I recommended for anyone that wants to stay ahead of his competitors in business. And also stand strong in the future.Note: if you do not have plans of opening your business or you are still doubting on the right path to follow in opening your business. Then read this daily and you will succeed in every aspect of business.So here am going to list the top secrets guide you should follow in business. 1. Leave behind everything useless you do now. Define what is useful for you in your future. 2. Clear your mind of the useless: bad habits, wasting time, stress, any stupid messes and problems. Just forget about them! You need clear mind to reach new achievements! 3. Educate yourself. Read books about business and the ones you like. Visit all kinds of exhibitions and …

what is origin of the earth magnetic field

Where is the origin of the earth magnetic field? Deep down on the earth crust. We can find the core It is widely believed this core is made up of molten iron,perhaps mixed with nickel and sulphur. But its still a mystery of why the core is not the origin of the earth magnetic field. Because the earth magnetic field does not covers all over the earth surfaceNobody has ever taken the mythical journey to the centre of the Earth, but by studying the way shockwaves from earthquakes travel through the planet, physicists have been able to work out its likely structure but its still can't explain the origin of magnetic field.

Chinwe the tales of a ghetto girl (episode 2)

Episode 2She set her mind on traveling to Europe for a better life and hadensured that lying on her backprovided the funds for herdreams. After being duped twiceby spurious travel agents, shesettled for Ghana. The family only ever heard from her duringChristmas.Ogochukwu, the second born andsecond daughter was theprettiest. At a young age, sheeasily got the attention of boys and men in the hood. After hersecondary school, it was onlyright she latched on to awealthy guy, whose mainbusiness was unknown but droveseveral big and expensive cars and traveled abroad alot. Ogo’s‘husband’ had been very niceto their family until heimpregnated Ogo and asked herto move in with him, promising to‘close road’ after Ogo had delivered the baby. The party heproposed, was supposed to betwo-in-one… Marriage andnaming ceremony. Ogo was nowheavy with her second child andthere was still no ‘closing road’ in sight. She only evershowed up to cry to theirmother that her husband beatsand blames her for thedow…

Trouble in school (Episode9)

"Well-" Mr. Okolo scratched his head. He was desperate for money. But the boy was a devil. He was reckless and insane. He could expose everything in his senseless violence. "The police are still hunting in the dark. No tangible evidence. All motives heaped on the driver. The man was unlucky. He married a second wife just last week." the bursar concluded, hoping to reenact the request for the money. "That didn't mean, we've escaped. Mattew's shivvering like a fish. He could be dangerous," Tom said as he looked at him and saw the wave of fear that crisped his eyes. "You gave him part of his money?" asked Mr. Okolo. "He refused to touch it," Tom replied. His clean shaven head, shimmering in the clumsy fingers of sunglight that penetrated into the bar. "then we must do something very quickly." Mr. Okolo said fearfully. The temptation of touching a hundred thousand naira had dragged him into this.…

Trouble in school (episode8)

Episode 8 The town was small, divided by the main-road and surrounded by sordid brothels housing wayward girls. The motorcylist stopped in front of one of the conspicious brothel and Tom alighted. There was a falling signpost plastered with harsh red, that shone with the name "PARADISE HOTEL." TOM entered the hotel and walked into the small bar. He saw everywhere littered with bottles of beer and smokes of cigarettes as the customers spoke on top of their voices not minding the defeaning noise of music coming from the loud speakers. Immediately, he noticed the school bursar waiting for him. The bursar was already enjoying a bottle of beer. Then he walked up to him and sat down. "What is the latest?" There was an edge in Tom's voice. The bursar had turned out to be a chicken shivering from imaginary police references and cheap traps. "I will not tell you anything, until I see the other fifty thousand," whispered the bursar. His voice modula…

Trouble in school (Episode7)

The village of ifite was perched on a small hill over looking a new express way that ran into a nearby town. It was once an abandoned road, littered with potholes, until, the commissioner for works emerged from awka. The contract for the road was awarded . Soon a shimmering expressway that turned overnight into a busy highway appeared. St. Peter's College, ifite. Was built in 1947 by an irish missionary, Revered father collins. The school moved from grass to grace. A vast undulating compound of over 70acres. The choice of enough land influencing its location in ifite. The school wore the garland of greatness in academic and extra-curricula activites, having won the state's secondary school footbal cup several times. When Tom got down from the bus, the sun was already looking down on him It burnt the enviroment dry with great intensity. Tom had waited until dismissal to sneak out of school. Mattew had proved unreliable and he decided to undertake the journey alone.