Developing positive atitude at work

attitude determines matters a lot
                how to develop positive attitude at work

positive attitude at work is something bosses look for in every employee. It is these very qualitites that makes some more welcomed into any team, loved by your bosses and envied by colleagues.
Are these attitudes so difficult to posses or learned? Frankly, it is really up to the individual whether the person wants to learn it up or not, or even if that person is ambitious.
More often that not it is because people want a shortcut to success, are insincere in their pursuit for better positions that they fall flat on their faces.
Assuming you are of the right thinking, you are sincere and willing to work hard, what then are some of the expectations from bosses? What will make them notice; perhaps even consider you for a promotion?
Remember, out there are people who will only do enough, too lazy or expect things to be delivered to them. If you dont have the right frame of mind, here are some techniques you cam use in your daily routine.
Developing positive atitude at work can determine how successful you are in your career. However, this can be tough especially when things seem to go wrong all the time.
Remember you are your own career builder and you are responsible for your own success. These tips have worked for many. You can adopt or adapt them in developing your own positive attitude at work.
1. Do The Best you Can and tell Yourself The Best Has got to Be Good Enough
How much better can we do a job ? As long as we do the best we can, within the situation we are in the work will take care of itself. There will always be critics who will come off as what i call 'fake perfectionist'. People seem to know how best to do a better job without understanding the limitations you have to work with. Let them be. These people just like to take on the personal of a perfectionist in order to criticize.
2. Things Aren't As Bad As You Think They Are
I remember reading a research article once that said only 4% of our worries come true. And the 4% are usually very small worries. When things seem to go bad for me and i start to worry, I remind myself of this. You are better off focusing your energy on your work.
3. Think Positive, As You Think So You Are
'Think positive' is probably one of the most cliche terms that you have heard but worth repeating over and over again.
You can call it 'count your blessings' or whatever term you want to use. It's the truth, when face with challenges sometimes we need to ask ourselves, what can be worse ?
Get out of the 'poor' oh little me' syndrome because that isn't going to help your cause Especially when you are trying to complete an important assignment.
Developing positive attitudes at work isn't easy. As with everything in life, you need practice. Justpick one of these listed and remind yourself of it each time you start to worry or face any challenges.
4. Get Your Hands
This means getting involved. No matter what is your rank, always be prepared to get your hands dirty. That means really doing the work.
Roll up your sleeves when you see a crisis looming, colleagues scrambling for a solution, managers in desperate need of assistance. These are perfect time to let your skills and knowledge shine.
Do not view yourcolleagues as competitors as that will mar your decision making at work. View them as team mates and when something happens to the team it hurts you too.
5. Have an Opinion
Learn to have a view on things and voice it when the time is right and appropriate. You are not just employed to do the work; you are also employed to give solutions to make things better.
Form opinions and generate ideas that can help make the company better. Do not think you are low ranking hence your opinion won't matter. That is not true. Also learning to have an opinion and generating ideas when you are young at work will also prepare you for higher rank work. That is a positive atitude at work to have that your boss or bosses will like.
6. learn to coperate
It means more than just working with others in a seamless manner. It also means being able to learn to share credit when credit is give to the team. Very often people like to hug the limelight and are unwilling to coperate since the success may need to be shared. But think about the overall effect of your actions on the company. Bosses will realise that you can contribute but are unuwilling to coperate as you know you may have to share credit. This sort of attitude will hold you back. You leanr more and achieve more when you coperate.
7. stay Up-to-Date
You may think this is funny. Why would you need to keep up with news on business, technology and trends especially when you are new ? This positive attitude at work is not just relevant to the newbie but to managers too. In this day and age, bosses expect everyone to know what is happening in the world around them. A flood in pakistan may affect the sale of your company's product; a growing trend in china may mean new market for your company. All these are basics of the working world. The more you stay informed the better you can contribute.
8. Be Responsible For Your Own Growth
You want to move up in the corporate ladder? Be the driver of your own growth. There is only so much your company and your boss sees that you take the initiative to grow yourself through exposing yourself to new ideas and people or even reading, you would have made a positive impression. Get feedback from supervisors and colleagues and see how you can improve. Take on challenges that will spur your growth even if it scares you. Positive attitude at work is not difficult to do. It really depends on whether you want to do it or not.


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