It Could Have Been The Worst

 There was one christian from ikot abasi, who was fond saying this word "i thank God it may be that the worse could have happened;" so it happened that one day, his brother's first son dided while still in standard six. The man went and consoled his younger brother. He told him to weep no more, that it might be that the worse could have happened. So, the brother took offence because by this time, the son of the elder was studying overseas. The next year, the boy graduated, and wrote that he was coming back home, when he arrived at portharcourt, quite a number of cars have gone to escort him. Many people were busy at home preparing for the boy's arrival.
        The boy's father went to the younger brother who lost his first son the previous year, and said to him "now my son is coming back, please take good care of him; what he would ear and what he would drink". The brother accepted. But as they were coming from portharcourt, on reaching opobo junction, coming in from Aba only the car that conveyed the boy had an accident. He was rushed to general hospital in Aba. Others rushed home to the father to stop preparing because the boy had an accident at Aba. The father of the boy came out and asked whether he was dead, and they told him no, but he was seriously wounded. The father said, "Thank God it may be that the worse could have happened". He did not know that his younger brother had poisoned the food prepared for the son, because he was in charge of his food for that day. He did this to find out what could have been worse thing that could happen to man who has lost his first son to death. Now, when he heard the brother saying the same thing that he had said when his first son died, he went and confessed to his brother that he had planned to kill his first son because he was offended at his consolatory words when he lost his first son. "I never knew it will be true, he said, because if there was no accident involving the boy, "I could have poisoned him, which could have been the worse, and now you say the same to yourself, please forgive me".


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