Chapter 1
I had thought I had seen almost all there is to life until I had a recent encounter
My job as a journalist is such that nothing shocks me; I had thought I could watch everything including the very bizarre, but I was proved wrong. I went to a strip club, for the first time in my life. Hey, before you crucify me, my cousin came back from Europe with his friends and you know how all these returnees behave. They are always crazy for adventure and want to experience as much as they can about Africa and Nigeria in particular.
    We had gone to a number of places that Saturday and towards evening; his friend, emeka, suggested that we go to a strip club that night. I didn’t buy the idea immediately because I was already very tired and just wanted to sleep. But there was no way I could refuse to take them there, since they didn’t know most places in Lagos. So, I agreed to go with them. At the appointed time they pick me up from my house fortunately, for me they came with some of their friends, both male and female friends. We made up a large group of ten people as we drove into a strip club in lekk. 
to be continued


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