Chapter 2  
The club was at the top floor of a building which was hidden behind a three story building. In fact, if you are a passerby, you would never suspect that a club is in the vicinity much less a strip club. We entered the building and were stopped by some hefty looking, weed smoking bouncers. My cousin and his friend bought ticket for all of us and we entered the staircase, it led us straight to the last floor where we were confronted again by another set of bouncers. We showed our tickets and entered the stuffy room.
    The first thing that struck me was the number of naked girls on display; they wore half bras and the tiniest of pants. Almost everything was on display for all to see; they danced in front of the men who sat alone or in group and watched their lewd steps. We walked towards the bar and sat down. There was a small stage with a wooden barricade in front of the bar and that was where the real strip dancers displayed their skills. They would come out from an inner room clad with sexy lingerie and as they danced, they slowly stripped of their lingerie. I watched in disguise as the men gloated over them and inserted money into their private parts, some of the girls were utterly shapeless with sagging skins, and the way they danced comfortably on over 6inch heels amazed me. There was nowhere for me to turn my eyes to, the two television set by the walls were showing deep, hot pornographic movies. I couldn’t take it anymore as one of the guys paid money for a strip dancer to do what they called lap dance on him, surprisingly enough, there was a guy and his babe who were sitting close to us. When the stripper completed her lap dance on my cousin friend, the guy called the same girl and paid her money for a lap dance. I was still wondering how the girl would sit there and watch the stripper do an erotic dance on her boyfriend, when the stripper surprised by sitting on the girl lap and started dancing.
Chapter 3
The girl had obviously requested for a lap dance with the stripper and her boyfriend obliged:” that girl must be a bisexual” I wondered within me, but I couldn’t talk to the guys as there were obviously enjoying the scene. One of them suggested for us to enter the VIP section and we did, after paying some extra money. The VIP was much worse, the stench of weed was so strong and the room was filled with smoke, I even saw two guys inhaling some with powdered stuff, which was obviously cocaine.
 Then my eyes flow to a corner of the room and I saw two guys having sex with one of the strippers, another one was giving another guy a blow job and two others were kissing and smooching themselves in front of a guy, while he watched with his hands inside his trouser only God knew what he is doing to himself.
I felt sick to my stomach; I just needed to get out there fast.                                       
  “I am sick of this place, can we go?” I asked my cousin he saw how uncomfortable I was and shook his head.
      “Don’t you think we should stay on a little?” asked my cousin
      “I can’t take it anymore and if you guys are not ready to go; I will go by myself” I said. They reluctantly followed me out.
Phew that was one wild night and I promised myself that I would never go near a strip club again.
                                              THE END


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