A wonderful new world

at secondary school i found myself in a new and wonderful world. For the first time i saw a laboratory and we started to learn some real science. To begin with, i was completely puzzled by the biology classes but soon the subject came to have a great fascination for me. I had never been good at mathematics but at munali i had a good teacher and the subject soon lost it terrors so that when we took the final examination i came second in the class. History had always been my best subject but for some reason i did not do well in it, perhaps because it was all southafrican history that we had to study. English literature i came to love but i did badly in the grammar paper at the end of my course.
     we lived a full and interesting life at munali. It was by no means all work and study in the classroom. I immediately found myself in the football team and we had many exciting and some very rough matches with local teams. I still carry on my leg a large scar, where i was injured by the boot of one of the lusaka "Tigers". Great emphasis was laid on athletics and ran for my house in the mile and the half-mile. In my second year, i led my house to victory in the interhouse activities competition although i nearly caused my house to lose the cup by my performance in the mile race. I led the field in the first and second lap but i must have started out at far too fast a pace because i was soon lagging far behind. Even though i was last, I ran the race to end and when i recieved the house trophy, the principal commended me.
      during my second year, i was captain of my house with a small room to myself at the end of the dormitory. Many of the younger boys in the first year would come and hide in my room when ragging was in progress, and i did all i could do to protect them and discouraged any form of bullying in my own dormitory. I had learnt the value of stirct discipline from my parents and was determined to have the same kind of discipline in the school during the week i was duty prefect. The boys soon discovered that during my week on duty there were no detentions to be worked off on saturday. I also became quite porpular with the housemaster and techers who rarely had to punish anyone during my duty period.

my dream,my hardwork.


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