A false Belief About Menopause

A false belief that does much harm is about the menopause, the time when a woman's mense have ceased, and it is due to a wrong understanding of the marriage counselling. Some people wrongly think that women after menopause should not have sex with their own husbands. The continuation of this falsehood is the work of satan who does not like fidelity. The fear about sex after menopause often leads to unfaithfulness and can easily result in HIV.God created sexual intercourse in marriage for two purposes: one is Aspect of sex, uniting husband and wife in true love right into their old age.I ask people who are troubled by this falsehood: "What did you promise God and your spouse on your wedding day?" To have and to hold until death do us part',-or did you say, 'To have and to hold until menses stop'? God is very pleased when husband and wife remained united together just as before after the menses have stopped.Marital relations (sexual intercourse) should continue right into old age, the husband making every effort to make it a happy experience for his wife. I invite those interested in this topic to read either the booklet The Truth About Love or the first chapter of Love and Life.People also fear that sex after the menses have stopped will cause fibroids, lumps in the belly. Ofcourse this is wrong and without a gain of truth. Fibroids have nothing to do with having sex.I will stop here in the next issue some false beliefs that disturb youths will be discussed.


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