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 Remember when you had just met that person, I mean the one you are in love with now. It was so exciting and fun. They were so sweet to you. They could text you all the time. (They could never go to bed without texting you goodnight love.) They could call you daily. (They could never miss a day without hearing your voice.) They could always have your time. . . BUT… . . . . Now what happened to that? All that care and love disappeared. Days and weeks can go by without getting a call or a text from them and you are also comfortable with it. They are full of excuses. They tell you that they are so busy (maybe with work, studies, games, seminars…) and you also buy that because you love them and know who they use to be. Remember those old days when you hard just met them, they could be busy but they could always fix time for you. They would call and text you and they would ask to meet you. But why can’t they do it now? Is it because you hurt them, you bore them, you changed your attitude towards them or they got what they wanted and they no longer see any value in you now? Anyway, whatever the reason is, if someone loves you for real, they’ll always spare time for you no matter how busy they’re


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