The Unwanted Visitor

It was midnight. The kitchen was quite dark. And the only noise, was the drip! Drip!! Drip!!! Of a tap that hadn't been quite turned off. I stood, and peering into the darkness with my heart thudding in my ears, i heard a man's voice in the kitchen that i had come to check. suddenly, i saw him. He had something shiny in his right hand and was forcing open the door leading to the parlour. I stood speechless. It was like a nightmare.The night was getting too adventurous within three minutes. At first, i thought of raising an alarm, but on a second thought, i thought it not wise as at that moment, i wasn't sure he wasn't armed. I made straight for my daddy's room hoping the "one man's devilish act" wouldn't progress further. My father was out in no time. thanks to all those days of signal practice. Though my mother had thought it madness, our signals were quite useful now as we mapped out our plan without a word. We stood at the door to the parlour. My daddy with a rope and a club, and i had in my hands a bowl of steaming hot water. had someone told me there was a human being faster than the animal cheetah I'll never have believed. The unwanted visitor really ran faster than the cheetah.The sitting room bore the resemblance of a ballroom, but for the air conditioner at the far end of the room. The chairs and the rug were all pushed to a corner. in fury, we waited for him until he was close enough. Then as swift as a cat catching its prey, i emptied the bowl of hot water over him. His piercing cry from pain, fright and agony wake everybody in the neighbourhood. There was no need for the club. My daddy make sure he was securely bound hand and foot. To our greatest suprise, the thief was saying, 'uncle I begi O'. Switching on the light, it was okon, the gardener. He was was quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment. As a result of his attempted robbery, okon was scalded for life. But for me, it was a memorable day. I felt like a police detective that had carried out his assignment successfully. From then on, i was branded a detective by many people.


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