Trouble in school (episode 1)

Episode 1

"look up mattew and stop snivelling like a small monkey." There was anger in tom's voice. He was a rough boy with a clean-shaved head and his yellow coloured eyes,was like those of a snake. "we should go back now that nobody has seen us, "cried mattew. He was striken with fear. A fear that took the greater part of him and made his body shake. "just follow my instructions, don't waver. We'll go through this without a hitch. Now let have the torchlight," tom said and. And snatched the torch from mattew's hand. "we dont use the light, until we get into the compound," he added. The manner he spoke was grave and intimidating that matter was scared of making further argument. the night was cold and silence engulfed every where. The regular sounds of crickets, sizzled in the air. The two boys ran like jack rabbits, entering into the small garden that guided the principal's house. The house was in total darkeness because there was a black-out. However a shadow of light reflected through the back window. then two lean hungry looking mongrels with wild eyes saw the boy and barked ferociously at them. matthew whirled round like a huricane and took to his heels. But it was too late. Tom was waiting for him. His long gony legs knocked the pudgy legs of matthew. Matthew lost balance and fell down violently on the ground and fainted. the dogs barked with rage as they rushed towards the two boys. There were opening and sharp knocking of doors and more lights were coming from inside the principal's house. "Now, it's the time. Put the mask on and stop this foolishness or I'll hit you," tom order matthew angrily. The dogs pursued them with bared teeth. Tom lifted a small bag he was carrying and took a blood dripping wrapped raw meat from it. Like lightening, he threw the bleeding meat away. The dogs smell the meat and rushed in that direction. They snarled hungrily as they tore the meat. masked in their eye-opened pillow cases, they steathily moved into the house. The entrance door was hinging to open. A beam of light came from behind the door. The boys reached the door and hid by the side. The door suddenly opened. "who's there?" the hoarse voice of the principal echoed into the night. It was a voice devoid of resonance and power. The lantern he was carrying illuminating just a few yards in front of him. He was in his pyjamas and the further darkness he could not see through, put a dreadful fear in him. The dogs had stopped barking and there was a cold sinister tension that hing like thick cotton wool over the snarling of the dogs. To be continued only


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