Trouble In School (episode3)

Episode 3
 It was Monday morning. The school was buzzing with silent tension. The assembly hall humming though a bee-hive. Every student's ear and eyes opened wide in anticipation of the new gossip. There was no staff to conduct the assembly. So the senior prefect walk like a shadow of himself up to the dais. He was a tall boy of eighteen years. "good morning, fellow students!" he greeted sadly and continued. "we all witnessed the horrible incident of last night. A thing unheard of in the annals of st. Peter's college. The questions we should ask ourselves is why is it st. Peters? A school known for values, moral excellence and absolute discipline. The prince of all schools in this local government." there was fire in his eyes. The fire brightened, as his words tumbled out like furious waves to the students. The morning sun had crisped the eastern horizon in pink. Above was a clear sky beautified by lovely white cirrus cloud. suddenly, there was a sound of a car and the students stared. It was the principal's white 504 Peugeot
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. It came through the gate and hurrying up towards the open assembly hall. There were four men, excluding the principal in the approaching car. The car came to a stop as usual, parking lot, under the capacious shade provided by a mango tree. then four men alighted they were armed with long riffles, while the fourth had a police special pistol. They were huge, tall, wide-shouldered and mean looking. Their mufti, jeans and t-shirts were out of place with their long military guns. they moved like hounds behind the principal almost covering him. Though he was plump and tall, he was no way to be compared with these men. The tension in the school dissolved into fear. The sight of the guns and the policemen instilled a fresh fear in the students. To be continued....


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