Trouble In School

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Episode 2
funny, action.
masked in their eye-opened pillow cases, they stealthily moved into the house. The entrance door was hinging to open. A beam of light came from behind the door. The boys reached the door and hid by the side. The door suddenly opened. "who's there?" the hoarse voice of the principal echoed into the night. It was a voice devoid of resonance and power. The lantern he was carrying illuminating just a few yards in front of him. He was in his pajamas and the further darkness he could not see through, put a dreadful fear in him. The dogs had stopped barking and there was a cold sinister tension that hing like thick cotton wool over the snarling of the dogs. then the principal stepped into the darkness as the lantern dangled in his hand. He decided to check, what had happened to his dogs. As he walked quickly towards the direction of the dogs, the boys sneaked inside the house and bolted the door. the principal heard the sound of the door being bolted and rushed back. He could not open the steel door. He ran like a mad man towards the back of the house, but he remember kitchen doors were fastened last night before bed. All the entrance door were made of steel against intruders. His pudgy hands beats as that of a lunatic. It was like an ant fighting an elephant. the boys moved like leopards in hunt and slipped into the bedroom section of the bungalow. There were screams every where but the boys were undaunted. As they approached, the principal's wife ran into them. "oh! Who 're you? Where is my husband?" she screamed, trembling with fear. "shh! Close your mouth woman, "tom ordered and brought out swiftly a locally made pistol, pointing it at the woman. Matthew stared in total shock. "don't shoot her," Matthew stammered in utter shock. "shut your mouth, stupid idiot!" tom screamed at Matthew. Tom pointed the gun at the principal's wife and pushed her back into the bathroom. "we just want the money, madam and nothing else, "tom whispered to the trembling woman. "there's no money in this house, please go away," she begged. Tom pointed the gun at her forehead. "look! Don't kill this woman!" Matthew pleaded in fear. What had he gotten himself into? From a small plan to steal the principal's old car tires, they had changed into real armed robbers. He did not know that tom was carrying a local gun. "i don't know about any money, my children ." the woman pleaded. Tom pushed the woman down and moved to a large drawer. He dragged the drawer and open and there was the bag stuffed with the teachers salary. there was a great sound outside. It was certain the principal had woken the whole school. There were shouting and confusion coming from the dormitory. Though it was almost two hundred meters away, the students could the principal's house in a minute. the kitchen door offered an escaped and the two boys make towards the kitchen. Tom turned the large bolt and the door opened. The two boys ran into the darkness. Everything was happening so fast. By the time the students remembered the backyard and the kitchen door, the two boys had melted into the dark night. To be continued only @helzita... Feel free to comment written by (stan-lee)


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