The Three Patient Friends

Once upon a time, five beautiful ladies gained admission into the same university. They did not know each other prior to entering the university. But they took interest in one another. Soon, they became friends and were eating and studying together for. For four years, they maintained this relationship, even till they graduated.

   however, during the national service, they were posted to different state though all in the western part of Nigeria. This gave them the opportunity of visiting each other. One day, towards the end of their service saw and advertisement in a national daily, calling for applications from job seekers. Luckily, the job fitted them. Thus, the one that saw the advertisement, went and informed others. The next day, the went to the advertisers. When the got there. They saw many people who wanted to be interviewed. But the date was postponed to the following day. On the appointed day, they all assembled in the premises, but the interviewers told them to come by 4pm. However, some people got angry and left.

   by 4pm, the five friends came back and waited till 6pm. The interview was deliberately postponed thrice, to see if any of the candidates would withdraw voluntarily out of impatience and frustration. Indeed, many other people left, remaining the five friend, and the panel needed only five patient candidates. The panel told the five friends to come back the following day by 9.00am.

  by 9.00am on the appointed day, the panel told them the company's " game plan".

  The panel served them drinks, instead of  giving them questions. They were congratulated and given appointment letters to begin work the following week.

Even as I write, i really agree that "The patient Dog eats the fattest bone".
They went home joyfully.                            

 "The patient Dog eats the fattest bone".


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