After spending several years as a banker living an unsatisfying life, he quit his job and pursued his dreams that gave him the joy and contentment he needed.

Chinua Achebe gave up his scholarship to study medicine in Nigeria's foremost university just months into school. Went over to the course he loved, and years later, attained worldwide fame.
Many a times, we abandon our dreams for one thing or the other. Probably to fulfill our parents desire, we become lawyers instead of being a nurse. Or maybe because of the society. Or just maybe because of pressure.

Beloved, NOTHING has the right to stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Kick out fear, and go all the way to live your dreams.
It is unreasonable to spend your life doing what you really do not enjoy doing. Quit what you do not enjoy, and pursue what you enjoy.
The decision you refuse to take today will haunt you tomorrow. So better take it now, and live a fulfilled life.
If where you are now is not where you are supposed to be, just forget all consequence, get up and move over to the path of your dreams.


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