My friend, I can see what you’re going through these days. You’re pretending that everything is okay but your life is in a total shambles. You keep on telling your pals that you’re happy and moving on with your life but the truth is you aren’t happy and you’re missing some things. You keep yourself busy with work and studies but part of you is hurting. You always log on to Facebook and chat with friends, update your status but there’s that part of you which is in pain. You go out with friends, you attend cinema & comedy shows, you laugh out loud, you booze but still there’s something missing in your life. You keep on telling your friends that you gave love a break that you now enjoying the single life but the truth is you miss some LOVE.

You need someone special to talk to, to comfort you, to love you, to be there for you and take care of you. You need someone who can call on you just to know how you’re doing and to listen to your voice, you need someone to text you love messages, you need someone to tell you sweet things, you need someone to cuddle up with, to joke and play with. You need someone to go out with and to make love to you…
But you don’t know where you gonna find that person. Everyone that comes to you seems to be unserious. They just like to use your precious body and to spend your money or even make you feel that you are after their money. You are confused and you don’t know how you’ll identify the right person. You now think that maybe you were cursed and you’ll never find true love. But I must tell you my friend that everything is gonna be okay. You won’t be single forever. You’ll find someone who’ll be serious with you. Just commit your heart to God and he’ll place it in the hands of the right person in the right time. God will help you identify the right person for you. Don’t lose hope and don’t rush. Just take your time!


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