Episode 6 "You should be held as a collaborator, if you withhold any information to the police. Think well, and don't say that Tom or Dick is your friend," the policeman said and paused. The mention of Tom sent jitters into Tom. Tom felt goose pimple all over him. However, on a second thought, he realised that the man was talking about Tom, dick and Harry, a common language meaning everybody. "If the school bus driver is here, let come him out, "the policeman ordered. There was a hum of dread among the students. In their minds, the mention of the driver was enough to condemn the man. The school driver was a mean looking man with a mouth like that of a mouse. He had a dark serious facet face which made him look like a wicked man. He walked out, fear written all over him. He was shaking like a leaf torn by the wind. "Come with us." the policeman hissed, watching the man shiverring like an epileptic. They dragged him violently inside the principal's car. The principal quickly got into his car and out towards the main gate of the school with them.


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