Trouble in school (episode4)

Episode 4

"morning boys!" the hoarse voice of the principal echoed. His sorrow and shock were woven like mat on his face. "i want you to listen carefully to these men,"
the principal said and paused in order, to chose his words. He was gradually running short of words.
"maybe, they 're going to make some arrest," he said as his words hung like flakes in the assembly. Legs shovelling in fear. One of the policemen stepped on the dais. He was the man that had the policemen pistol. He was huge and tall. In the manner of a gorrila, he watched the students in sileence. His little eyes hidden in a mass of flesh, glittering like wet pepples.
"in police work," he stopped with a heavy note.
He stared at the students, taking time to look at their faces.
"There's something called an insider, a collaborator. All evidence seriously pointed to one in this particular case." his words were precisely chosen. Direct stones thrown with ease. He was slowly creeping out into dangerous zones.
The students eyed one another. The meaning of his words slowly dawning on them. He was conspiculously pointing to the students. Tom winked at mattew. But mattew was feeling uneasy. He was shaking like a new leaf. His heart was beating like that of a wild drum. He wanted seriously to sit down.
"The huge amount of three hundred thousand meant for your teacher's salary not mine, developed wings and flew away in this school. We have ways of closing in on criminals. And i stand here to tell you that we aleady know the ciminals.
to be continued


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