Trouble in school (episode5)

(episode 5)
Someone among you had given information that led to the robbery. I do not want to point fingers. The criminals are here. Let them come out quitely. And we' ll all forget this unpleasant experience. i'ill give them one promise, i wont prosecute them," the policeman said and paused to weigh the impact of his words. He was delivering the usual police sermon. Not expecting anyone to own up. " the robbery was done by hardened men. The manhandling of the principal family greately pointed to that.
The wife was pushed about several times. And she revealed to the police that the boys wore masks. One of them had a local pistol. All criminal think the same. They think they are safe, until when suprised. I want every student to think properly. Whether you've noticed any unusual activity or rumour. Anything that will cement the evidence that we already have. We know the culprits but I'll give them chance to declare themselves like disciplined boys i know this school to produce. "he was trying luck, tom noted. Nothing important to hold on, his police psychology telling him that he could smoke the criminals out. the only drawback, was mattew, tom threw a furtive eyes at him and thanked heaven mattew was calm.


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