Trouble in school (episode8)

Episode 8 The town was small, divided by the main-road and surrounded by sordid brothels housing wayward girls. The motorcylist stopped in front of one of the conspicious brothel and Tom alighted. There was a falling signpost plastered with harsh red, that shone with the name "PARADISE HOTEL." TOM entered the hotel and walked into the small bar. He saw everywhere littered with bottles of beer and smokes of cigarettes as the customers spoke on top of their voices not minding the defeaning noise of music coming from the loud speakers. Immediately, he noticed the school bursar waiting for him. The bursar was already enjoying a bottle of beer. Then he walked up to him and sat down. "What is the latest?" There was an edge in Tom's voice. The bursar had turned out to be a chicken shivering from imaginary police references and cheap traps. "I will not tell you anything, until I see the other fifty thousand," whispered the bursar. His voice modulated by the intoxication of alcohol and great fear. He knew the risk he was taking. Yet he needed the money urgently, if he was to pay his son's school fees. "I gave you fifty thousand naira just three days ago. You keep asking for money without working for it." Tom said angrily as he was becoming uncomfortable with that line of conversation."Look. I'm an elderly man with a family. You' re merely a student, what are you going to do with all that money?" asked Mr. Okolo, the bursar. "I've given you enough. Please, don't just let us argue about money. People are watching," whispered Tom. His eyes roaming over the bar. He couldn't notice a familiar face. Hence he felt safe.


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