Trouble in school (Episode9)

"Well-" Mr. Okolo scratched his head. He was desperate for money. But the boy was a devil. He was reckless and insane. He could expose everything in his senseless violence. "The police are still hunting in the dark. No tangible evidence. All motives heaped on the driver. The man was unlucky. He married a second wife just last week." the bursar concluded, hoping to reenact the request for the money. "That didn't mean, we've escaped. Mattew's shivvering like a fish. He could be dangerous," Tom said as he looked at him and saw the wave of fear that crisped his eyes. "You gave him part of his money?" asked Mr. Okolo. "He refused to touch it," Tom replied. His clean shaven head, shimmering in the clumsy fingers of sunglight that penetrated into the bar. "then we must do something very quickly." Mr. Okolo said fearfully. The temptation of touching a hundred thousand naira had dragged him into this. He was fast approaching his retirement, but he had not saved one naira. His salary was always a scatch on the back of his numerous problems. Besides, his wife kept reminding him, he was a worthless man. He knew his heart was too weak for such a risk, but he desperately needed an anchor in retirement. Happy xmas! Drop your christmas wishes here


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